Roto Frank’s products include various types of tilt and slide window hardware systems and door opening systems, including locks, hinges, handles, and many more.

Roto Frank

“Roto Frank” is the name of a German manufacturer of window and door hardware that has been in existence for over 80 years. Roto Frank AG is based in Leinfelden-Echterdingen and is currently one of the largest hardware manufacturers in Europe.

Roto Frank’s products include various types of tilt and turn window hardware systems and door-opening systems, including locks, hinges, handles, and many others. These products are intended for use in various types of windows and doors, including skylights, balcony windows, entrance doors, and others.

Roto Frank is recognized as a leading manufacturer of window and door hardware, and its products are used in buildings worldwide.

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Window Hardware

Roto’s window hardware systems aim to allow smooth and convenient opening and closing of windows. Roto is one of the leading window hardware manufacturers in the world and offers a wide range of products for various types of windows, including wooden, aluminum, and PVC.

Roto’s window systems consist of many components, such as handles, locks, hinges, connectors, and profiles, all designed and crafted to ensure durability, functionality, and ease of use. Thanks to high-quality materials and precision engineering, Roto’s fittings are reliable and long-lasting.

Furthermore, Roto’s fittings come in different versions, including standard and burglar-resistant options, allowing customization according to individual needs and requirements.

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Door Hardware

Roto also produces door hardware, ensuring safety, comfort, and functionality. Roto door hardware is available in various versions and applications, including external and internal doors.

Roto's door hardware systems consist of many components, such as locks, handles, hinges, and profiles. Roto offers hardware systems with automatic locking mechanisms that prevent unauthorized persons from opening the door from the outside (anti-burglar systems).

Made from high-quality materials, Roto's door fittings ensure durability and resistance to weather conditions and usage. They are easy to install and use, and their aesthetic appearance ensures they fit seamlessly into any room decor.

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Tilt/Slide Systems

Roto's tilt-slide systems allow opening of large, heavy, and hard-to-manipulate doors or windows. With these systems, it's possible to slide the sash to the side or tilt it for added ventilation.

Roto offers various tilt-slide systems like HS, Patio Inowa, Patio PSK, and ALU Patio. The HS system allows for tilting and side sliding of the sash, offering a large opening area for room ventilation. Patio Inowa and Patio PSK are perfect for terraces and balconies, while ALU Patio is a system for larger-sized doors and windows where the sash weight can be up to 400 kg.

Roto's tilt-slide systems are characterized by reliability, durability, and ease of use. High-quality materials and precision engineering ensure the systems operate flawlessly for many years.

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Door Thresholds

Roto’s door thresholds play a crucial role in thermal and acoustic insulation. Roto thresholds are made of top-quality materials, ensuring durability and easy installation.

Roto offers various types of door thresholds, such as plastic, aluminum, and hybrid.

Roto’s door thresholds come in various sizes and color variants, allowing them to match different types of doors and room decor. Roto thresholds are also easy to install and ensure door tightness, which leads to energy savings and improved room comfort.

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