Primo Profile is a Danish company specializing in the production of profile systems for furniture, doors, windows, and construction.

Primo Profile

Primo Profile is a Danish company that specializes in producing profile systems for furniture, doors, windows, as well as for construction. The company was founded in 2002 and since then, it has become one of the leading profile manufacturers in Europe. The company also offers profiles for windows and doors, available in various colors and patterns to meet market demands. Primo Profile’s range also includes construction-related solutions, such as profiles for electrical installations, gutter systems, and sewage pipes. Primo Profile products are characterized by high-quality craftsmanship and are available in many variants to meet the needs of different customers. Primo Profile is a company that focuses on the innovation and development of its products to meet market demands and provide customers with the best solutions.


Window Seals

PRIMO window seals are high-quality products used for sealing windows. PRIMO offers a wide range of window seals designed for different types of windows, such as wooden, PVC, or aluminum windows. PRIMO window seals are made from flexible materials known for their high resistance to weather conditions and aging, ensuring long-lasting and effective window sealing. They are easy to install and remove, which facilitates the replacement of seals when necessary. PRIMO window seals provide excellent window sealing, which contributes to reducing energy loss and improving sound insulation. As a result, it reduces energy consumption in heating or cooling rooms, translating to reduced operating costs. PRIMO also offers window seals with additional features, such as protection against noise, moisture, or dust. These seals are available in various color variants, allowing them to be tailored to individual customer preferences and the aesthetics of the building.

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Door Seals

PRIMO offers seals for exterior and interior doors made from flexible materials such as rubber, foam, or PVC. These seals are designed for various types of doors, such as wooden, metal, aluminum, or glass. PRIMO’s exterior door seals ensure excellent sealing, thus protecting rooms from noise, cold, wind, water, and dust. They are easy to install and remove, facilitating the replacement of seals when necessary.

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